AVG is one of the most trusted antivirus programs, installs within moments and offers advanced computer protection. The AVG title is an abbreviation for Anti-Virus Guard and is designed by ABG Technologies, an Avast Software subsidiary. The AVG brand initially launched in 1992 and sold its first AVG license in the UK and Germany in 1997, while 1998 saw it introduced to the US market. The AVG security package began to include anti-spyware when in 2006 the company acquired the Ewido anti-spyware group and was also the year in which Microsoft announced that Windows Vista system would include AVG components. In 2007 Exploit Prevention Labs was acquired by AVG Technologies and its technology called LinkScanner safe search was incorporated into the entire AVG product range released in 2009. AVG is used by over 100 million mobile devices, and currently, the company has over 200 million active users. Avast announced on the 7th of July 2016 that it reached an agreement to acquire AVG for $1,3 billion.


With AVG, both the full and free protection plans offer impressive state-of-the-art security that automatically updates the software. Viruses are blocked and removed using a cutting-edge scanner that reassures users all devices are protected against the latest threats. The free AVG AntiVirus package offers protection from ransomware, spyware, viruses and other malware, while it blocks email attachments, downloads, and links that are unsafe, real-time updates is automatic and the free version scan for performance problems on PCs.

The full AVG Internet Security package offers a 30-day free trial safeguarding users from spyware, malware, and spyware while it blocks viruses, PCs are scanned for performance-related problems, unsafe links, attachments, and downloads are blocked, and security updates are performed in real-time. An extra layer of ransomware protection secure personal folders and AVG prevents others from watching users via webcam, while the enhanced firewall keeps hackers away and fake sites are avoided to offer safer online shopping, while it also includes Android AntiVirus PRO.

Customer Support

Several support options are available to AVG users and include technical assistance through its customer care centre while sales support provides subscription, refunds, purchase and licenses support. AVG offices are located in Germany, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Australia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Canada, USA, and Israel. Distributors can be contacted via telephone in numerous countries, and users can connect with AVG using multiple social media options such as YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Support is offered in various languages including  English, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Chinese, Spanish, Malay and Thai.


AVG free antivirus was recently upgraded to include up-to-date security updates, performs scans for performance issues and malware and prevents malicious downloads well before they reach users PCs. A new design shows users how protected they are and even with the added features, there are still some system speed compromises as a result. The full protection offers payment protection, private data protection and protection against hacker attacks and have also been upgraded to include an advanced layer that stops hackers from accessing users webcam.

By downloading the free version, a 30-day trial period can be enjoyed for free that offers AVG secure VPN to protect all online activity via 56-bit AES encryption while it allows access to previously blocked games, music and film sites. Mobile users can protect their tablets and phone with the best AVG guards against spyware, viruses while the antivirus software includes anti-theft, camera trap, app lock, app back-up and device features.