Avira Antivirus Review 2019

Avira is a German company established in 1986, Avira is an age long tech and security giant that offers cyber protection to hundreds of millions of users around the world with its free Avira antivirus. This product receives excellent results from independent laboratories and offers a collection of associated Avira products. It successfully blocked access to malware hosting URLs during our tests, but failed during our phishing protection test.

Overview of Avira Antivirus

Avira Antivirus is a high-performance enterprise server antivirus offering enhanced protection with minimal impact on resources. The enterprise security solution is scalable, easy to use and manage without additional maintenance costs.

With Avira Antivirus Server, companies can be assured that their files, as well as those of their customers, are fully protected against cyber threats in any form that could damage them. With Avira Antivirus, organizations can be assured that their files, as well as those of their customers, are fully protected against cyber threats in any form that could damage them. Taking care of customer security is also a simple process thanks to the partner consoles installed by the Avira Antivirus Server and cloud-based management consoles.

Avira Pros & Cons

• It is free for everyone to use
• It is highly configurable
• It has decent results from testing labs
• Limited web protection
• Some missing features in the free version
• Passwords manager feature are limited
Avira Packages & Features
Full-featured Protection
• Ease of Use: Easy for Users
• Reliability: Fair
• Value: Fair
• Money-back guarantee: 30-days.

Avira Pro includes malware protection offerings, anti-ransomware and anti-phishing software, device control, identity protection, secure banking and shopping, as well as confidentiality of data
Various other products, such as PC optimization tools, parental controls and VPNs
Avira have complete packages such as Avira Prime and Avira Internet Security Suite

Ease of Use

To start using Avira, download it for free from the official website. The free program is available for download, even on third party sites, but you will find on the official website all the latest Avira products. Avira recently redesigned its antivirus to make it easier and more user-friendly, and the new design works really well. The installation of Avira only took a few minutes after downloading the application and starting the installation wizard. Once you are done, the main screen will give you a general picture of the health of your computer. All major categories like Antivirus, Firewall, Web Protection and others have icons that tell you if they are enabled and what their status is.

You can view your different modules in the module tabs and view your analysis logs in the Activity section. Avira does not give you as many options to customize it, the antivirus replaces it with its streamlined and streamlined interface. I was happy to see that the program is just as easy to use on Mac, with many tools and screens identical to those of the PC version. I was also happy to see that the company offers an app for Android devices, although iOS users are unlucky in this regard.


Given the wide variety of antivirus programs on the market, it’s not always easy to choose which one to install on your device. One way to choose is to compare several products. Fortunately, several labs perform tests and share their results with users.

As a result, several test labs have already registered Avira Antivirus Pro 2019. And here’s what they have to say.
Avira has gained 100% of its effectiveness in zero days, online and email risk tests. They also tested Avira against malware and antivirus 99.9%. He also scored 6 points out of 6 for the level of protection, user-friendliness and performance.
Avira locked 99.5% of threats with a single false alarm. The antivirus showed a detection rate of 96.6% of offline threats and a detection level of 99.9% of online threats with two false positives. The online protection rate seemed to be 99.98%.
Antivirus protection

Avira’s reliability has been solid in recent years. The main testing laboratories reported satisfactory accuracy, but not quite advanced.
The latest summary report of AV-Comparatives real-world protection tells the same story. Avira ranks fourth out of 21 with 99.8% protection and has only been outperformed by Bitdefender, F-Secure, and Trend Micro.
The report published by AV-Test indicated that Avira only gave 99.9% protection to one of the tests, but that was enough for it to get a score of 6/6 for Protection and the package did not contain false alarms either.

Additional features

• Keeps you away from unwanted apps and attacks
One of the main benefits of installing Avira on your computer is that it prevents unwanted applications and ransomware from accessing your files and devices
• Avira protects users’ finances
In addition to blocking phishing attempts, Avira protects you when you pay for products and services online and you check your finances.
• Compare prices when buying
While Avira eliminates many of the bells and whistles in other antivirus suites, I was excited about the discovery of a price comparison tool in the Antivirus Free version.
• Real-time protection against threats you cannot see
Sometimes you can download a file or attachment without knowing exactly what it contains. This can lead to infection by malware or other viruses.
• Keep your apps up-to-date
One of the most common ways to reach malware on your PC is to take advantage of software you have not updated.

System Performance

Avira Antivirus Pro 2019 has been distinguished by the AV-Test testing company. For July and August, Antivirus Pro achieved a 100% performance against the zero-day, web, and email threat test, which included 275 samples. For these same months, Antivirus Pro recorded a success rate of 99.9% against nearly 20,000 samples for the “widespread and widespread malware” test of AV-Test.
At AV-Comparatives, Avira blocked 99.5% of the threats and had a false positive on 197 samples in the real-world protection test of September 2018

Scanning performance

By clicking on the Analysis menu item, you get the expected choices of complete, fast and personalized analysis. A full scan of my standard cleaning test system took 90 minutes, not twice the current average of 49 minutes but far better than the last time I tested this product. With most products, a custom scan simply analyzes the folders you select. Avira offers a dizzying array of choices, including active process scanning, removable drives and the Documents folder.

Support and Customer Service

If you have problems or simply need to find information about your Avira products, visit the company’s support page. Avira’s knowledge base answers some of the most common questions and issues, and even offers you a library of articles and video tutorials that can help you better defend your PC. If you want to know more about antivirus and potential threats, you can visit the company’s virus lab, which is constantly adding new information about viruses and malware. If you need personal assistance, you can call the company’s phone number or ask for answers using its e-mail ticket form. The company is professional and will answer all your questions and help you solve most of your problems.
Avira Pricing
Free Antivirus for PC: This is absolutely free with no charges attached
Avira Internet Security: $ 30.95
Avira’s Antivirus is free. It includes their analysis tool, real-time protection against unknown files and their defense against potentially unwanted applications. It also includes an excellent Chrome browser add-in that allows you to navigate safely online with a tracking blocker and secure browsing option. The company’s Internet Security Suite has all available antivirus tools and also adds software updates for your applications. If you are looking for a more affordable solution, you can pay the Internet Security option once to update your programs and return to the free version once your computer is up to date.

Value for Money

Avira is among the earliest antivirus programs available. Avira gives a high security protection at no price at all or very little price per year. Avira products are a good choice for users who need easy-to-use software with high detection rates. Another important benefit of Avira is the 30-day money back guarantee, without asking any questions, most often without unnecessary questions or requests.

Key Features &Ratings

Antivirus Protection: Good.
Additional Features: Real-time protection, VPN, Browser tracking blocker etc.
System Performance Impact: Relatively low
Scanning: Detailed report.
User-Interface: Easy to use.

Final verdict

As Avira’s only strengths are its low resource utilization and support staff, there are simply not enough resources to be on our list of the best Internet Security suites of the year. Avira Free Antivirus can be customized exactly the way you want it, but the program consumes too much of your system’s performance without offering optimal protection against malware. If you want more features, Avira Free Antivirus has a password manager, a network scanner, and a stronger browser, while Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition and Kaspersky Free Antivirus provide the best protection without doing much else.