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Best Firewall software

Finding a suitable firewall among many of products can be quite uneasy but here are the few top best ones.


It proactively protects from all the arriving and out coming online infiltration. Once one installs this firewall software windows it protects your operating system. Like other software that bothers users every single time anything comes up GlassWire is an exception to that.

Some its features are:

  • Careful Alerts- This warns users about changes relating to network.
  • Monitor other personal on your own network  and informs you in case any unidentified devices connect to your  own Wi-Fi network
  • It also tracks data usage
  • Visual Network Monitoring- This is to discover past and present network activities through graphs
  • Toolbox of set of connections checks
  • Wi-Fi Evil Twin Detection- get alert notifications when the app founds new Wi-Fi hardware close by with identical network name
  • It also lock Down Mode
  • It features Mini Graph so that one need no to launch the app every single time you want to examine system’s wellbeing.


ZonelAlarm protects ones personal computer from all sort of cyber infiltration plus phishing attacks, identity theft, spyware malware, viruses, ransomware and lots more of them.

Some of its Features are:

  • It is a firewall that has an antivirus program
  • It has an Interface customizable
  • Scans equally inbound & outbound links
  • Guards applications and some many other software from getting any contamination
  • Prevents any unwanted traffic from entering into ones network
  • It gives daily credit monitoring to provide victim recovery assistance which is a sophisticated procedure without firewalls.
  • It also has an inseparable Online backup that comes with it should any loss or accidental deletion happens
  • Comes with multiple layers of securities:

–     open Network Protection

–     Wireless Network Protection

–     Concurrent Security Update and lots more of good things


One of the most recommended firewall software excellent for windows 10 users that will protect from nearly all online hazards. The software secretly protects ones computer’s ports against hackers and blocks transmittable programs that might transmit your important data over the Internet.

Some of its features are Features:

  • Shows no pop-up advertisement so that users are not disturbed
  • Authoritative scanning choice for both of inbound and outbound connections
  • It has options that are customizable to adjust protection from attacks
  • It comes with its own Wi-Fi protection so that make it advantageous.
  • Sensitive alerts so that  if anything wrong comes up the user is quickly informed
  • Immediate firewall configuration this make it  perfect for first time users
  • Comes with shield of host file
  • Devoted Local Area Networking management options
  • Has whitelist and add websites which are secure to contact easily
  • It also takes up nearly one MB of space in a hard drive.

Comodo Firewall

The software permits users to effortlessly affix programs to blacklist and this makes it all the easier-to-use application. It is even considered the best by some.

Its features are:

  • Provides an advertisement Blocker
  • Routine domain network Servers
  • Provides virtual Kiosk so as to easily obstruct any incoming or outgoing program from the network
  • Provides very precise and complex settings for supreme ease
  • Offers a Rating Scan choice that allows an individual to recognize how much a program or process is reliable
  • well-matched with Windows 7,8 and 10
  • It also contain an easy sandboxing to stop malware in its path
  • Gives users capacity to manage permissions for diverse networks and programs
  • Actively alerts about any doubtful files or even folders programs


This is another best free firewall software with lots of good features. It has the most basic features of all the softwares. It has simple options and settings that are easy and convenient to use and as well convenience.

Some of its Features are:

  • It is easier to use and has simple interface
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Has no frustrating pop-ups
  • It does not just blocks an incoming traffic but also block applications from connecting to the network
  • It can Edit/Create and Delete rules in other to permit or reject access to precise internet protocol address.
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