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Online Virus Scanners

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Safety Detective Vulnerabilities Scanner

The Safety Detective Vulnerabilities Scanner is a cloud-based and free service that lets you to scan your computer rapidly to filter out threats. This internet based scanning service provides rapid and simple to use by scanning your files online and filtering out any threats from your mobile devices and computer. When it detects a threat, it will inform you on the danger level and tells you exactly what to do to stay protected. It is an indispensable online platform for easy file checks without any need to download.


This is a free online scanner tool that helps its users to check malicious documents and sites for any perceived malware by making reference to big online database of virus infections that were previously detected which is the compiled through various cloud-based examination functionalities, antivirus engines and web scanners so as to check for viruses. When the scan has been done for seek for a redress, this scanner goes ahead to distribute the results of the scan with it’s group of users. This service is useful for one-off checks but is not adequate to carry out larger system scans.

ESET Scanner

This is a miniature of the complete ESET antivirus Security Suite. Unlike the ones discussed above, it must be downloaded before it is used. It offers a precise function of detecting virus infections and give detailed descriptions of it’s directory. Even though the scan can be longer it is detailed in it’s operation, looking for problems in the local drives and auto-start locations. Deletion and quarantining is also a feature that is available in this scanner. It seems like the more you wait for the details of the scan the more worthy you wait becomes beneficial.

F-Secure Scanner

This Finnish cyber-security firm provides a plethora of free online tools. Just like ESET security suite, this effective antivirus scanner needs to be downloaded in order to be able to be used. This scanner can take out malware from your system only after you have run a restart command on your system. It is a user friendly scanner and is available for windows and free trial for persons with Mac computers. One obvious advantage of this scanner is that it is very fast and actually wipes off threats.  F-Secure lets it users to delete and scan infections at no additional cost.

Bitdefender Virus Scanner

This antivirus scanner can only be used after it has been downloaded. It is a low usage-app that is a subsection of Bitdefender’s free toolbox. It can perform rapid scans on your device for the critical detection of malwares for personalized or full system scans. It can carry out a scan less than one minute and it is designed such that it quarantines and disinfects a file automatically. It may not be able to remove all of the malwares in your computer but it’s speed and efficiency makes it a priority in the face of some other antivirus scanners out there.

Norton Security Scan

This cyber-security suite is a popular scanner providing top notch cyber protection for a long time now. Their free scanning tool offers a fast scan for your computer. It can recognize over seventy percent of your system malware together with malicious apps or cookies that needs to be updated. One disadvantage of this scanner is that you cannot remove the file after completing the scan as Nortons would redirect you to buy the complete antivirus program. But then, the way this suite detects antivirus is pretty encouraging. It goes further to explore the various elements of your system to reveal any likely threat.

Bullguard Virus Scan

This is a large antivirus suite that offers a completely free online antivirus checking for its users. Of a recent, this company updated their system so that it’s users will have to download a free trial of the premium package. This antivirus scanner gives fewer features and it is not very heavy as par size on the system storage. Even though this is a good scanner, its downside is that, it is not very fast in scanning your favorite files and sites. However it detects most of the malware which is one of the most important things a person considers.

Best Anti-malware Software

Malwarebytes Premium

This antivirus program provides cyber-security for Mac, Android and Windows systems. And most of these functions includes

  • Anti-ransomware functionality
  • Real-time security that prevents the infiltration of malware into your PC from malicious sites.
  • A feature that prevents the exploitation of system security
  • Features that repairs spywares, system malwares and rootkit attacks
  • Security against malicious sites.

This premium version includes a super-fast system scanner that runs a complete test in less than 3 minutes. This anti-malware has been tagged as one of the best so far in the cyber-security industry. And one of the upside of this Anti-malware program is that is doesn’t occupy much space in your system. It costs $39.99 for one system and $59.99 for 10 systems

Bitdefender Total Security

Bitdefender Total Security provides various systems, mobile and internet protection upon the purchase of just one license. This antivirus software is worthy to be listed as one of the best in the cyber-security industry as a consequence of a plethora of security features it provides such as

  • Totalprotection of data
  • Innovativedefense of threat
  • Webcam protection
  • Multi-layer ransomwareremediationandprotection
  • Anti-fraud
  • Anti-phishing
  • Anti-Theft
  • Prevention against network threat
  • Protective browsing
  • Not dangerous files function to securevery important files from being modified
  • Malware detection and removal.

Anti-malware provides all the security features that isneeded to secure your system, sensitive information, identity and datafrom cyber threats and criminals.

Also, this software has innovative features, such as parental advisor, Battery Mode and social network protection that will serve you right. OS: Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10. And the available free hard disk space is about1.5 GB. The cost of this anti-malware is just $ 44.99.

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus

Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus is becoming one of the most sought-after anti-malware programs available in the cyber-security industry. This software requires just 20 seconds for searching and filtering out malicious programs in your system. But then, it may become a bit longer in the event when you are carrying out a full system scan. This antivirus suite provides a plethora of features like anti- identity theft protection, webcam protection, anti-phishing protection and secured browsing function and yes! And even an anti-malware functionality as well. It makes use of behavioral patterns, cloud-base feature, metadata and heuristic system detection to filter out malicious stuffs from your system. When placed side by side with some other antivirus, Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus has emerged superior. It doesn’t take up much space and it’ only $29.99.

Zemana Anti-Malware

Zemana Anti-Malware provides a real-time security for just Windows systems. It can filter out, discard and block browser hijacker, undesired programs, adware, boot-kits, ransomware and a host of other malwares. This antivirusprogram has OPSWAT Certification which makes sure that the anti-malware tool is effectiveandreliable.Zemana Anti-Malware is among the best anti-malware software variants with both the paid and unpaid versions. The unpaid version functions as a protection from cyber-security threats and the premium suite especially offers real-time protection and monitoring from advanced threats such as zero-day malware, ransomware and root-kits. The latest Windows version is occupies just 6 megabytes and it costs just $24.95



Emsisoft Anti-Malware

Emsisoft Anti-Malware offers protection fro banking Trojans, ransomware, bots, some undesirable programs and backdoor threats. This program makes sure that Windows systems are secured from latest cyber-security threats that constitutes a smaller and bigger damage to the system. To experience the best malware detection outcome and be listed as one of the best anti- malware scanners recently, Emsisoft Anti-Malware utilizes a dual engine malware detector and a 4-layer protection. Emsisoft Anti-Malware scanner integrates anti-malware and antivirus technologies to keep the strides that it is making in the cyber-security industry.

Bonus: Reimage

Reimage is an amazingprogram that stands out as one of the best anti-malware programs in recent times. This software has two different capacities:

  • Computer repair feature
  • Virus removalandprotection.
  • Blue screen of death
  • Windows errors
  • Freezing computer
  • Damaged dlls
  • Provides OS recovery
  • Virus damage

This software is very useful for the removal of ramsomware attacks in systems and is available in the three major platforms, Mac, Mobile and Windows. The last one is compatible with Android operating system and can be acquired for free.

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