BullGuard is a UK based Antivirus company founded by Thies Sondergaard and Morten Lund in 2002, two partners who wanted to keep their data safe from viruses and hackers. BullGuard gained mass popularity around the globe by 2009 after it partnered with Steel Series to introduce the most advanced security for online gamers, which made BullGuard the first game focused security product on the market that is renowned for not affecting computer performances. The BullGuard Mobile Security product was launched in 2011 after the company partnered with Jupiter Network and other partnerships includes OPSWAT Certified Partners and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Computers running the Windows 64-bit version where affected by a malfunction update in mid 2011, classifying every executable program as infected, files were identified as Trojans and removed to quarantine, systems malfunctioned, which affected BullGuard users around the globe.  After BullGuard was criticized as being unresponsive in 2011 support was upgraded to provide assistance via live chat, email and telephone twenty-four hours a day and the chat support enabled specialists to process user’s questions in real time. In 2016, BullGuard was awarded six Internet Security awards including Best Buy, Best-in-test, and best antivirus protection.


Several BullGuard products can be explored with the free trial versions and the BullGuard Premium Protection is fully loaded for family protection and offered via a 30-day free trial, while a 60-day free trial period is offered on multi-layered BullGuard Internet Security. A 15-day free trial is available on BullGuard Antivirus, and free installation is available via the BullGuard free Mobile Security.

BullGuard Antivirus is tough on malware, yet easy to use and the multi-layered defence system is quick to install and keeps computers malware free at the cost of $29.95 per year on one PC. The Premium Protection option can be used across multiple computers and is available at $99,95 per annum. The premium protection package also includes a kids zone, safeguarding uninterrupted gaming for younger users, 24/7 free expert support and automatic document backups.

Customer support

BullGuard users are offered assistance via a wealth of communication options including the Frequently Asked Question section. Immediate support is offered around the clock and users can connect with a supports team member within seconds via the live chat feature. The supports team can also be contacted via email and response is guaranteed within twenty-four hours. Currently, no telephone support is offered on the website. Prioritized support is offered via BullGuard Premium services to remove all viruses, tune-up user’s PCs as well as Set up and Installation of all packages and services.


BullGuard is perfect for online users searching for pure anti-malware protection that does not affect the computer speed. With multiple layers of protection, all packages include antispyware, antivirus protection, next generation anti-malware, safe browsing, ransomware protection, antiphishing, automatic upgrades and updates as well as the vulnerability scanner. The kids zone feature empowers parents to have more control over children browsing, parental control can be used to protect younger users both on PC and mobile and games run flawlessly even while BullGuard protection is safeguarding all systems in the background.

The remote backup service stores important files offsite, while mobile back-up supports BlackBerry, Symbian, iOS and Android and restoration of text messages, photos, contacts, ringtones, music and user setting is possible. The BullGuard forum offers users the opportunity to connect with other users via posts while handy tips are shared between games and general security updates as well as Beta test results are discussed and displayed.

Key Benefits of Using BullGuard

1# Private Data Security:
BullGuard protects your company and personal data, such as passwords and credit card numbers, from exploitation by cyber criminals. If such sensitive information is somehow leaked, however, the program alerts the users immediately and also suggests the best action to take.

2# Multi-Layer of Protection:
BullGuard ensures that your connected devices are attack-free. In addition, the software protects your entire digital network from backdoor intruders. As a result, freelancers, SMEs, and micro teams can easily safeguard their PCs and smart devices from being accessed for malicious purposes.

3# Heavyweight Firewall:
BullGuard’s firewall incorporates multiple layers of device and network protection against cyber threats. Apart from monitoring installed apps, the software also tracks security updates to ensure that no infiltration occurs. This provides robust protection for digital devices without overheating the CPU or drawing the battery.

4# Advanced Anti-Malware:
Malware have continued to mutate and take on more complicated forms every day. For this reason, BullGuard features a 3-layer protection protocol which anticipates future iterations of malware and eliminate these promptly. The last layer is designed to lockdown and neutralize any malware before it causes damage.

5# Vulnerable Points Scanner:
What makes BullGuard unique from other cyber security tools is its ability to detect and remove potential entry points for cyber attacks. Outdated security definitions are updated, unsecured Wi-Fi networks are passworded or encrypted, and other loopholes blocked.

BullGuard Basic Features

– Anti-Virus Program.
– Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, and Anti-Phishing.
– Firewall Security.
– Identity Theft Protection.
– CPU Performance Optimization.
– Safe Browsing.
– Mobile Security.
– Network Scanner and Monitor.