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Do Macs Get Viruses

December 26, 2017 2:00 pm by admin

Do Macs Get Viruses

Apple Macintosh computers do get viruses although it is less likely for Macs to be infected compared to Microsoft Windows computers. Macs are not unhackable but are known to be much more challenging than Windows PCs to exploit, and Unix-based systems such as Apple Mac OS is by nature a sandbox, with a series of fire doors, although malware and viruses to gain access but are unable to spread to the heart of the system.

Just like Windows, Macs are vulnerable to the thriving ecosystem of spyware and adware programs that bombards user’s computers with ads and spyware. Apple does go to great lengths to protect Mac users from malware and anti-malware protection is built into Mac OS systems, and Xprotect is a malware scanning tool that works automatically and invisibly in the background without the need for user configuration.

Apple is in a race against time to update its list of malware and virus protection in Xprotect, and with the internet being flooded with new viruses and ransomware systems can be exposed and in the past by using public Wi-Fi means it might be possible for hackers to access your computer.

In 2014 Apple’s implementation of an encryption feature to shield all data from snoopers had an SSL encryption validating coding error and due to a Goto command not been closed properly communication were sent unsecured and could be intercepted and unencrypted. It could expose user’s financial data, and password and Apple quickly issued an update. At the 2017 hacking contests called PWN2Own Niklas Baumstark and Samuel Grob hijacked the Touch bar on 2016 MacBook Pros via a Safari flaw allowing them to gain access to the root control of the Mac OS. Apple released a software update to keep on top of vulnerabilities to protect all its products.

Several Antivirus security software providers offer Mac-specific products for both desktops, laptops, iPads, and iPhones. Although keeping your Apple software up-to-date is the best policy and by turning on the firewall, your system is protected from unwanted connections from other computers on internet connections.

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