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Is Free Antivirus for Windows Good Enough

December 26, 2017 2:01 pm by admin

Is Free Antivirus for Windows Good Enough?

While free antivirus software is often not as effective as the paid commercial security programs, they do offer an array of free antivirus utilities. Free antivirus software should be able to root out existing ransomware, malware and prevent Trojans and include real-time malware protection.
By weighing up the benefits of free versus antivirus software that is paid for, it becomes clear that the free option is for non-commercial use only. Pay antivirus software offer more, the free option form Kaspersky does not include its powerful System Watcher option responsible for monitoring malicious behaviour, while Panda’s free option lacks application control, insecure Wi-Fi connection detection, and firewall protection. Several of the free antivirus software options do not offer technical support and should stubborn malware attacks systems the lack of support will be a major setback.

Microsoft Window Defender is mostly used as a baseline security option, and for proper antivirus, protection users need more than baseline protection. The free antivirus tool offered by Microsoft cannot protect computers against the latest malware, to gain access to sufficient antivirus protection users would need the Essential security protection. But there are a few free antivirus software options that are well worth considering.
Avast free antivirus software is one of the best antivirus programs that offers antispyware and antivirus functionality to protect your PC from internet threats, email threats and even threats via instant messages. It supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 and Windows XP and due to its heuristic engine, that detects unknown malware and viruses, it is one of the best free options.

AVG offers one of the most popular free antivirus software products; the free antivirus works on Windows XP, Windows 10, 8 and seven as well as Windows Vista and is frequently updated and includes link scanner, email scanner and more. Bitdefender is probably the best-known free antivirus edition, is renowned for its easy installation and fully supports all Window versions, and it won’t slow down your system while it includes auto scan and virus shield features.
The key antivirus software qualities to search for is cost, frequent updates, email protection, and constant protection. Depending on what Windows users require in antivirus prevention, the above discussed free security software could offer antivirus protection for Windows that provides you with peace of mind while online.

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