McAfee Antivirus Review 2019

McAfee is a US-based computer security software company based in Santa Clara, California, claiming to be the world’s largest security technology company. As pioneers in the antivirus market, antivirus packages such as McAfee Antivirus Plus, McAfee Internet Security, and McAfee Total Protection are often bundled with pre-built computer systems from companies such as Dell, Acer, and

Brief overview

Founded more than 30 years ago, McAfee has grown into one of the world’s largest cyber security companies, with a growing business and a full suite of consumer antivirus tools for all major platforms.
McAfee Antivirus Plus has a long list of features including antivirus, malicious URL blocking, file shredding, PC speed acceleration tools, theft protection for mobile devices, and more. The package is available for PC, Mac, Android and iOS.
New features in this release begin with a mobile machine-based antivirus engine that should enable faster detection of mobile threats.
A Performance module dynamically adjusts process and I / O priorities to optimize speeds, while a Web Boost Chrome extension reduces bandwidth usage by allowing users to prevent video playback.
• Extremely easy to install, use and change settings.
• The protection / detection rate is well above average.
• Removes 100% of viruses

• The average price compared to the competitors is a major disadvantage.
• McAfee Antivirus needs more resources from your system to work

McAfee Packages and Features

Full protection
• Ease of use: easy to navigate
• Reliability: very reliable
• Value: very high
Money back guarantee: 30 days
McAfee’s core antivirus program is a one-man-only for a single system and treats the basics at $ 40 a year. It includes the protection of the company’s Web Advisor, many optimization software, and a two-way firewall, which is very useful for a boot product. You’ll also benefit from 24-hour technical support, although you need to call or use the chat window because technicians are no longer responding to email.
McAfee Internet Security
It no longer includes parental controls. They now come with the most expensive subscription plans for Total Security and LiveSafe. These parental controls which are relatively new have more features, but most other antivirus brands include at least some parental controls with their mid-range products.
McAfee Total Protection
Includes comprehensive virus protection with free 24/7 support, built-in optimization tools, parental controls, email spam blocking, firewall protection for hackers and thieves, and the protection of social networks for an unlimited number of devices. Protect your private files with encryption software and store your passwords securely with the True Key app. The McAfee Total Protection and McAfee LiveSafe bundles are almost identical, but the former is available in stores, while the latter is usually preloaded on a computer as a trial version, which can later be extended to a price.

Ease of use

McAfee Antivirus is one of the easiest antivirus packages to use. The simplicity of the main dashboard allows users to know the current state of protection of its operating system. Perform comprehensive and fast scans in a few clicks and it’s easy to set up automatic scans.
This antivirus has all the features enabled and preconfigured instantly after installation, without the need for a reboot. Although many antivirus products have a somewhat sketchy past, the current generation of software is up to the task.
Users have the privilege of configuring parental controls, firewall, anti-spam settings, scheduled virus scans, and update settings directly from the user interface. All navigation is intuitively presented and allows users to configure the parameters best suited to their needs. Otherwise, the main screen is mainly reserved to give you information about your most recent analyzes and the state of protection.
The iOS version of McAfee also features a simple interface that makes it easy to manage the security tasks it offers. The Android version is also easy to use. If you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-use solution, McAfee is a great choice.


McAfee offers a low-cost package with above-average detection rates. McAfee packages include options for built-in optimization tools, parental controls, email spam blocking, firewall protection for hackers and thieves, and protection of social media links for unlimited number of devices. According to AV-Comparatives, a leading third-party antivirus testing company, all McAfee antivirus packages are at the forefront of detecting classic virus files. And while it may not be as good at protecting real-time scanning, McAfee still has an average score.
In terms of reliability comparison, most antivirus software packages need to consider two main areas of virus protection: virus detection through traditional virus scanning and real-time protection as files become saved on the system.

Antivirus protection

McAfee malware protection starts with a file scanner that tries to match files with known malware “signatures”. At the same time, heuristic scanning monitors file behavior; look at code, and runs unknown programs in sandboxes to see what programs are doing.
Anything that looks dangerous is loaded into the McAfee lab for analysis. McAfee sends its newly generated malware signatures to its 465 million users several times a day.
McAfee Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Protection, and LiveSafe include Ransom Guard, which copies attacked files if it detects ransomware encryption activity. Once the program has foiled the attack, Ransom Guard restores the files to their original content.
If you have already experienced a ransomware attack, McAfee can help you try to decrypt your files with the No More Ransom site. The website includes keys to remove more than 70 widely distributed ransomware strains, such as Amnesia and Cry128.


Protects your home network
Today, protecting your home network is as important as protecting your computer, but many antivirus programs do not provide this utility. You can control all your home network tools directly from the Security Management Console, so you can see all the devices you have protected, remotely locate them, and even erase them in an emergency. .
Keeps your PC running smoothly
Even though McAfee does not have as much functionality as other competitors in terms of optimizing your PC, it still offers you two remarkable tools.
Protect all your devices with Smart Protection
I usually take points when antivirus tools do not protect more than one device. When you sign up for the McAfee Internet Security plan, you can connect an unlimited number of devices to a single license.
Keep your personal data hidden and secure
If you signed up for the Internet Security plan, you also have access to two features that offer you an extra layer of online defense.
System performance
Even the Antivirus and Antivirus Plus base products have many additional features, all of which they share with the four most expensive programs. McAfee PC Boost system optimization tools can divert system resources to leading applications, stop videos in the background, “shred” sensitive files, and ensure you have the latest software updates. A two-way firewall checks the data leaving the system as well as those trying to enter the system.
Scanning performance
McAfee’s full active analysis had a relatively small impact on performance, leaving our OpenOffice benchmark to end in 7:57 on average, a 16 percent drop in performance from the baseline before installation. It’s a bit better than the Bitdefender result and much better than Kaspersky’s, with 21% full scan performance.
Fast McAfee scans were even better, with an average OpenOffice runtime of 7.46 hours, indistinguishable from passive post-installation background impact. To be honest, the result of Bitdefender’s quick scan was also the same as its background load.
Support and customer service
No matter which subscription you choose with McAfee, you’re entitled to free 24-hour support. Unlike some of the antivirus tools that charge you for customer support, you’ll be pleased to know that McAfee support is available to all its users. The company’s website contains several interesting sections that offer articles, tutorials and simple guides on solving the most common problems. If you need help finding something, you can chat with the company’s Virtual Assistant, an automated discussion that finds specific answers for you on the company’s website. If you need more personalized support, you can call the company.

McAfee Pricing
• McAfee Antivirus Plus $49.99
• McAfee Internet Security $ 69.99
• McAfee Total Protection $89.95
• McAfee LiveSafe $ 89.99
The cost of McAfee live is $ 109.99 and will cover an unlimited number of devices.

All prices listed in the table are regular. McAfee often organizes promotions for new users. You can receive a discount of up to $ 65 and purchase the Total Protection package for 10 devices for $ 44.99, while the normal cost of the same package for one device is $ 69.99.
McAfee Plus, Total Protection and Internet Security come with free trial for users. This lasts 30 days, which is ample to see if you like a particular product or not.

Value for money

Overall and relative to its competitors, McAfee offers great packages at a reasonable price. Its antivirus definitely offers a lot of file detection possibilities and many additional features are offered, even with the most basic packages.
Key Features and Ratings
Virus protection: Excellent.
Additional features: Secure password function, Malware addressing, etc.
System Performance Impact: Very good.
Scanning: Full report
User interface: Easy to use.

Final verdict

McAfee is one of the most important and trusted names in antivirus software. McAfee offers a healthy total protection function for your PC and other devices. No matter which package you choose, you’ll have access to free 24/7 support, parental controls, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.