PCProtect Antivirus Review 2019

PCProtect is a relatively new antivirus suite protected by an LLC, born in the UK in early 2016, offering real-time protection for your PC and protection against ransomware. In addition, this suite blocks malicious websites, protects online bankers against hackers and generally protects your device from password theft. In addition, it offers vulnerabilities in mobile protection and even complete encryption of your browsing data, which keeps your online status completely personal.

Overview of PCProtect

PCProtect offers an efficient, complete and fast way to protect your PC. Not lacking features and offering competitive pricing, it was extremely difficult to miss out on this future company and its products when creating its favorite antivirus vendors. What really impressed us about PC Protect is the need to protect as many aspects of your digital world as possible, which other brands of antivirus often leave behind. With PC Protect, you can protect your device against local attacks, Internet threats, browser data theft, mobile vulnerabilities, websites, malicious attacks that can slow down your system, or harm your computer, or even fully encrypt your browsing data while preserving your online Business.
• Easy to install, free VPN
• Video Tutorials
• 30 day money back guarantee!
• Free additional tools included
• Many additional features and tools that you will never really use or need.
• Can slightly slow down your device
PCProtect Packages and Features

Full protection

• Ease of use: Easy to navigate
• Reliability: Slightly reliable
• Value: Fair
Money back guarantee: 30 days
Free antivirus version of PC Protect: This edition of the antivirus suite is a little unreliable, although it is limited in some respects due to the lack of certain features.
PC Protect Essential Antivirus: This basic package costs $ 24.95 the first year and protects a single device. You get real-time protection against viruses, Trojans, adware, spyware and malware. Other features include Disk Cleaner, the remote firewall, and the Web Shield, which can damage your PC and other devices while browsing the Web.
PC Protect Pro Antivirus: For just $ 39.95 in the first year, Antivirus protects up to 3 devices and gives you the same functionality as Essential Antivirus software. Plus, you’ll have easy-to-use optimization and performance tools to keep your computer running like nothing else.
PC Protect Ultimate Antivirus: This quality antivirus software costs $ 59.95 in the first year and protects up to 5 devices. It includes all the features of Essential and Pro plans. In addition, you’ll have access to 24/7 priority support, PC Protect optimization and performance tools for your mobile devices.

Ease of Use

One of the benefits of PC Protect is its ease of use and the speed with which it has learned the whole system. The functions of the antivirus are simple and easy to find and you can customize several settings to optimize your security. You can add secure websites and programs to your least harmful list; change your scan settings, and more. However, some screens were a bit congested, which is not a major problem but a little embarrassing. If you use multiple Pc Protect tools, your computer may be a bit congested.
Nevertheless, PC Protect is able to sort out its tools in a practical way and keep them out of sight. When you set up the password manager, you must create your password and finalize your settings. Once you’ve done this, you should never find it again because it works automatically when you try to connect to a website. The company mainly offers computer tools, but it is comforting to know that most of its users are satisfied with Antivirus for Mac, with features comparable to those of the Antivirus Plus subscription.


Installing on personal computers, laptops and mobile devices is a breeze: you do not need any technical skills to download and install the software. The antivirus, for all intents and purposes, requires no entry and runs on its own except when you want to customize the scan frequency or if you need to enter additional information. If duplicate files are detected, the software will not simply delete the duplicates found, but will ask for your confirmation first. In terms of reliability, the software is brilliant. Technically, PCProtect.com uses state-of-the-art malware protection software, making reliability one of its strengths.

Antivirus protection

PC Protect has modern, real-time protection against viruses and other types of Internet malware. It starts with the operating system and stays active in the background all the time. The computer is monitored transparently while the user does not have to take care of anything and can continue his normal daily activities. If the antivirus program detects a threat, it will automatically apply the corresponding measures. The malware is then securely isolated and completely removed from the computer.

Thanks to regular updates, automatically received and installed by PC Protect, the anti-virus software is always up-to-date. Current virus definitions are particularly important because they can immediately detect new threats and remove them from the computer. PC Protect inspects all connected hard drives, as well as other data carriers and all downloaded files. If the program finds an infected file, it will be isolated and then deleted from the PC.


In addition to virus protection, PC Protect features include a two-way firewall, system optimization, and a file manager. In the future, the manufacturer wants to add even more features to its software, such as child protection. The built-in firewall increases data security, prevents phishing, and blocks harmful connections. With File Manager, users can manage all important files on their computer and save time. System Boost automatically inspects the PC for speed and speed problems and repairs them. This is a clever way to allow experienced users to get at least some information about the system, without the need for buttons, tabs, or other additional interface complexities. After optimization, the computer, the operating system and the browser are visibly faster. With additional features, PC Protect is more than just an antivirus solution, and can be distinguished from renowned security solutions.

System performance

PC Protect’s real-time module starts independently and remains constantly active in the background. Yet the software requires very little RAM and almost no computing time. The user will not even notice PC Protect outside the symbol in the taskbar. The developer was able to develop a user-friendly program that also uses old computer hardware. If the user starts PC Protect and performs an analysis, the software becomes a little more visible. Combined with the extensive range of software features, PC performance can even be improved.

Scanning performance

PC Protect Antivirus offers two types of scanning methods. quick analysis and a complete analysis of the system. This allows for quick daily scans and allows you to perform more in-depth analysis from time to time. You can configure a calendar for when the antivirus will check your computer / device. With basic analysis, your browser, cookies, cache, desktop, and startup will be checked, while the full system scan will check the entire internal disk.

Support and customer service

Users will find a simple answer to most questions in the support and client section of the antivirus home page. Of course, users can also contact technical support if necessary. Support staff can be contacted by email or in real time via live chat. Those who are interested or who own PC Protect can contact friendly and knowledgeable support staff on a daily basis. Compared to renowned antivirus solutions from renowned manufacturers, PC Protect is much younger and has not received a reward yet. However, there are many positive reviews about the online software.

PC Protect Pricing

You can choose from three packages each lasting one year each:

• Essential Antivirus – $ 24.95
• Antivirus Pro – $ 39.95
• Ultimate Antivirus – $ 59.95

Each package includes a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked. If you are not satisfied with the software, you can simply contact its customer service for a full refund. Be warned, like most anti-virus software, PC Protect software will automatically renew your subscription at the end of the year at the cost of a standard subscription. So, if you buy the package as an agreement, this agreement will not be the price of the next one year. Automatic renewal can be easily canceled by contacting customer support.
Value for money

PCProtect offers a real-time increase in device security levels related to its functions. Its ability to fix malware has earned it a prominent place among antivirus vendors.

Key Features and Ratings

Antivirus Protection: Good.

Additional Features: VPN, Malware Addressing, Adware Addressing, etc.

Impact on System Performance: Fair.

Scanning: Detailed

User interface: easy to use.

Final verdict

We hope that our review PCProtect has described everything you want and need to know about this unique antivirus software. We’ve found that the enhanced security they offer against viruses and malware makes them a great choice for your antivirus needs.
Even if PCProtect gives the impression that it is only for Windows computers, you will find that this antivirus program will offer you a first class protection for all the most common devices, including PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPad and Android mobile devices.