ScanGuard Antivirus Review 2019

The ScanGuard Antivirus is a creation of SS Protect Limited, a UK-based antivirus titan with branch offices in Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. ScanGuard Antivirus is a simple and robust antivirus program, with additional features, supporting a wide range of platforms and different operating systems and even bundled with powerful VPN, highly responsive customer service and a simple antivirus dashboard.

Overview of ScanGuard Antivirus

ScanGuard antivirus is a cyber-security suite that provides a plethora of security features, from a malware quarantine program with a lot of security features for your PC which protects it from malicious programs to a real-time protection and an advanced firewall protection while giving you the benefit of what exactly to do with them. Regardless of whether you are using iOS, Android or Windows, your identity and data are protected. In addition, malware or spyware can be the worst nightmare when you are vulnerable to attack. ScanGuard antivirus suite has a relatively instinctive UI and a 24-hour a day technical support, It has truly jumped into the field of cyber-security, fighting for recognition among the crowd of mega security suites already available.
ScanGuard Pros & Cons
• Detects and filters different types of threats
• Works with most platforms
• Ensures real-time web-protection
• Powerful PC booster
• Different pricing options.
• Absence of a free version
• Absence of a group for discussion
• Absence of outsider lab assessment findings and results
• Yet to be certified

Scanguard Packages & Features

Full-featured Protection
• Ease of Use: Easy to Use
• Reliability: High
• Value: High
• Money-back guarantee: 30-days.

ScanGuard Essential is unique: antivirus and anti-malware protection, anti-phishing, debugging utility, firewall, PC and smartphone optimization tools, and secure browsing functionality.
All three packages are compatible with Mac and Windows, and also include Scanguard for iOS and Android, and offer free 24/7 support.
ScanGuard Pro costs more with a few extra extras and offers a Web protection extension. Since it includes 3 licenses, it means that it can be installed on 3 different systems instead of one. For instance, this can be Scanguard for Android, a PC application and an application for Mac.
ScanGuard Ultimate has the exact same features, with an additional antivirus eBook. Additionally, it offers up to 5 licenses for 5 different devices to connect to.
Lastly, ScanGuard offers a set of high-end features that will secure your privacy when surfing the Internet. It’s a virtual private network, a password safe, a cookie cleaner, a pro advertising blocker and a battery saver for iOS and Android.
As we mentioned earlier, the whole project seems to be a kind of raw, unpolished project. Her idea may sound great, but she certainly needs additional improvements.

Ease of Use

In addition to the difficulty of creating an account before you can purchase (or download) anything from the official ScanGuard website or from third-party sources, the ScanGuard Security Suite installation process is relatively simple and easy to use. You do not have to be a rocket scientist or an extraordinary genius to install or use it. The only thing that is not really desirable is the need to create an account before you download or buy anything on the website. In fact, some existing users say that this is suspicious and therefore prefer to stay away from the antivirus. It’s accessible to people who do not have a lot of technical knowledge, and the user interface allows you to easily perform scans, check the status of your device, and more without having to be a computer genius. Without a doubt, ScanGuard is one of the simplest antivirus programs for all users. The quick scan and system buttons – its key features – are located directly in the main menu. You will also find the quarantine and real-time protection buttons. All the necessary parameters and options are at your fingertips. For example, you can enable the Disk Cleaner scheme, System Booster, Browser Manager, and so on. The color palette of the product is quite dark, but nice to watch.


As indicated in recent ScanGuard ratings and reviews, the antivirus is yet to be verified by independent labs and tests. This is exactly why it is hard to assess its reliability based on of official data. However, several user surveys that can help describe software.
It should be mentioned that the product is equipped with the newest antivirus engine. It detects not only known threats, but also zero-day samples, which have never been recorded in a list. The program’s anti-phishing functionality efficiently blocks malicious pages, so the internet surfer can no longer worry about the security of his computer when surfing the Internet. The automatic scanning process is silent and smooth; this does not affect system performance.

Antivirus Protection

Upon installation, ScanGuard Antivirus executes a scan that reveals risky applications and malware. Additionally, ScanGuard also locates performance susceptibilities and optimization suggestions.
The application provides a shield against the newest malware, viruses, adware and mobile ransomware. It also includes real-time fortification that observes all newly installed and updated applications to detect threats before they reach the device.
In addition, the app adds a secure browsing feature – a VPN service that allows users to browse the web securely and anonymously.
However, ScanGuard Antivirus does not provide its software to any independent lab testings, so virus protection is unknown.

Additional Features

As previously mentioned, the free version of the software only scans the device and exposes performance and security susceptibilities, mischievous apps, and other infested files.
The paid version of ScanGuard includes a correct set of optimization and security features:
• Secure browsing allows users to browse securely, bank securely and access media from anywhere in the world.
• Password Vault helps operators to store their passwords in a safe place. Users only need to remember a master password.
• Recover valuable space. ScanGuard scans the device for large files that can take up a lot of space and are hard to find.
• An advanced antivirus engine that protects devices from the latest malware and other mobile threats.
• App Lock stops unauthorized persons to access the software.
• App Manager allows users to bypass the long process of uninstalling and quickly remove unwanted applications remotely.

System Performance

When the software is used for about two weeks there usually is no notice of any slowdowns or interruptions caused by ScanGuard. Customer reviews also indicate that the software does not have a negative impact on the computer during the analysis.
As mentioned before, ScanGuard is a brand new player on the market. As a result, not all reputable independent testers have yet reviewed the application.

Scanning Performance

ScanGuard Antivirus runs for a complete scan to find the security and performance susceptibilities of your PC so that it is protected from the multitude of unwanted attacks. The analysis went well and only took a few minutes. The system will not slow down to a significant level after the analysis has been carried out.

Support and Customer Service

The creators of this antivirus promise a fast and warm support for each client. They offer a broadband of ready answers to some the commonest questions about ordering, installing, activating and updating software on the official website of the ScanGuard antivirus. They can also be contacted via the live chat functionality on the official website where they will answer your questions directly. Site specialists are committed to responding to user requests 24/7.
ScanGuard antivirus suite also offers a knowledge base with tabs for desktop tutorials, general FAQs, help with accounts and billing, and more. Their support functions are robust and allow customers to get help when needed, although ScanGuard may want to consider a forum in the future when they have a few additional users.
Pricing of ScanGuard Antivirus
The prices of this antivirus software are attractive enough. There are 3 major security plans with a full set of features, so you will have no problem choosing what fits your needs. Each plan is compatible with all platforms and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

ScanGuard Essential goes for $ 24.95 / yr.
ScanGuard Pro is the most popular and it goes for $ 39.95 / yr.
ScanGuard Ultimate is the most comprehensive security package available at $ 59.95 / yr.
Note that these are promotional prices reserved for new customers and may automatically renew at the usual cost.

Value for Money

ScanGuard provides high security protection at good prices. ScanGuard antivirus is good for PC. Another significant benefit of ScanGuard is the 30-day money back guarantee, without questions which is often without any questions or unnecessary enquiries.
Key Features &Ratings
Antivirus Protection: Excellent.
Additional Features: Recoverable space, malware protection, ad blocker.
System Performance Impact: Not tangible.
Scanning: Detailed report.
User-Interface: Easy to use.

Final Verdict

You can use ScanGuard for, iOS, Android, Windows and Mac, with all famous browsers and on a wide range of devices. Real-time security against threats, regular system scanning and efficient performance: the software seems to meet all the requirements of contemporary users. Obviously, there exist some drawbacks, such as the absence of a free mode and the assumptions of the official experts.