TotalAV Antivirus Review 2019

Brief Description of TotalAV Antivirus
TotalAV Antivirus is a product of a UK-based antivirus company. This antivirus incorporates VPN, disk cleaner browser, phishing detection and ID protection. It’s easy-to-use design and huge functionality eliminate the competition from the water. It also shields tablets and smart phones, so they ought to provide you with assurance that TotalAV has really been intended to address your digital desires.

Overview of TotalAV Antivirus

TotalAV is a somewhat new security suite that’s obtainable in both free and paid versions. TotalAV is an important antivirus that is capable of delivering high end security for potential customers. It is available for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows. While it may not be the most resourceful, inexpensive, or prominent antivirus the market, it is still a decent choice if you’re considering an all-inclusive antivirus. Initially, the company provided VPN service as a complimentary supplement to each package. However this is not the way it is now – you now have to pay an extra buck for this service to be provided. And TotalAV always has a lot of cool features to offer. It provides an extraordinary catalogue of tools and services.


• Do not require much of the system resources
• Nice free version
• Robust security against malicious URLs
• User-friendly Applications
• 24-hour customer protection


• The free suite has no real-time security
• Price isn’t very attractive
• No Autonomous Assessment results
• Advanced firewall protection only for paid plans

TotalAV Packages & Features

• Full-featured Protection
• Ease of Use: Stress-free
• Value: Fairly high
• Money-back guarantee: 30-days

Free Essential Antivirus

This is a completely free antivirus package that is not time bound. It’s one of the free antiviruses on the web and does not provide real-time protection.
TotalAV Essential Antivirus
This is the fundamental plan which offers the most basic security plan that shields your device from unwarranted and unhealthy attacks and malicious programs. The entry-level suite can only secure one system and will be a nice choice if you’re looking to protect your PC computer, phone or tablet.

TotalAV Pro Antivirus

This is a famous package that comes with the features from the essential plan but then it provides some additional features. Using this plan you’ll be able to secure up to three devices. This plan also grants its users will access to an antivirus eBook and a safe password vault

TotalAV Ultimate Antivirus

Just like its designation suggests, this plan is one of the most costly and easy to understand plan provided by TotalAV. It can secure up to five different devices. When using the Ultimate plan, you’ll enjoy VIP support replies. You’ll get a 24 hour concrete antivirus solution even if you add Smartphone protection and optimization.

Ease of Use

The TotalAV antivirus suite offers a real-time cyber-security protection for all major OS and devices, including Mac, Windows, Android and iOS. As soon as you have done selecting your suite, you can manage your purchase from an online console, permitting you to exactly discern further what you are downloading.
After a quick connection, you can start using TotalAV antivirus software. The chief interface of this AV software is also uncontaminated and simple to comprehend and use, which is actually valuable for beginners and those seeking for an easy answer for their cyber-defense needs. The central screen comprises four big icons that cover the main categories. You can click on every one of the icons in the interface to manage precise settings in each set. More down the interface is an advantageous graph that shows the position of each set, in addition to the outcomes of the most current scrutiny and the severity of the issues noticed. The user interface is what sets TotalAV apart. The team did an amazing work of changing all those frustrating menus and buttons into something beautiful. For specific ones, it could be very copious, but for the regular operator, the intuitive and user-friendly console will be a central importance. And although some aspects are quite annoying and meaningless, the navigation is easy, upfront and everything is beautiful.


Because TotalAV is a comparatively fresh product, there are still no outsider autonomous assessment outcomes authorizing its efficiency. Unluckily, this denotes that operators are somehow in oblivion and may not discern if it is decent for security or not. For this reason, some developers have organized a series of tests and the results are readily available to whoever needs them.
With certain assessments and outcomes, and a petite browser extension, TotalAV blocks 89% of sites that phishes. This is a much better result than with Internet Explorer and Chrome. But McAfee and Kaspersky blocks about100% of possible dangers, TotalAV still stays in the first 10 AV. It is a relatively nice feat to see that this antivirus has recently entered the world of cyber-security.

Antivirus Protection

To help protect your system privacy while browsing, TotalAV provides you with four great defense tools against unwarranted threats on the internet. The first is a practical extension of the ad blocker that keeps provoking ads on your favorite websites. Frequently, ads have concealed documentations and URLs to malware that have the potential harm your PC without your knowing it. Additionally, suppose you cruise a part of the internet that you are not acquainted, Safe Site will safeguard you by forewarning you beforehand when you are opening a new link. One of the importance of TotalAV it that it possesses password manager, that makes it cool for you to manage many accounts on the web and does not trail all your passwords. This functionality lets you to store all of your passwords in a safe place and to connect more effortlessly to applications and websites.

Additional Features

The Total AV antivirus suite has more than the normal features provided by many similar cyber-security providers.
It also has ad block pro functionality, which works far better than the many random ad blockers. The TotalAV blocker prevents most ads from appearing in the sites where you are doing your browsing spree. This tends to give you a fair and more comfortable browsing experience than being interrupted every few seconds by annoying advertising.
Total AV also provides a secure password function that keeps your password confidential so that you are ultimately protected from the hands of hackers. You can protect all your passwords by creating a master password for all the sites you visit. This means that your point of view, you only need to remember a password, but they are sitting behind your firewall so that no one from outside can access it.

System Performance

The system performance of an AV is one major parameter that can break or make an AV. TotalAV antivirus is offered for Mac, iOS, Android and Windows devices. It works very well even on obsolete systems and does not require a high-end processor to run in the background. Additionally, it retains a low profile that indicates that it infrequently utilizes pop-up windows to notify the operator of recent updates, potential dangers, etc.

Scanning Performance

A user can always choose between a full scan and a quick scan. The former performs a fast action on the system and controls only the most essential and vulnerable parts. Here is his biggest drawback: nothing is really fast about these scans. The analysis can be for 15 minutes, which is very long, as most competitors in the market do in one to two minutes.

Support and Customer Service

Even though it remains one of the recent antiviruses in the market, TotalAV is famous for its approach to customer service. Whichever package you choose, you can contact the company via phone, live chat or email on the TotalAV website. The company’s support system is also convenient for most billing commitments. However, if you are looking for a 24-hour-a-day support, you will need to upgrade to the Ultimate plan.
TotalAV has a pronounced information reservoir that comprises responses to many of the frequent problems that operators encounter, and a reasonably FAQ division that solves most of the queries that you have. Some users have criticized that the company’s billing methodology is not very straightforward.

Pricing of TotalAV Antivirus

Below you will find a list of the different pricing options available for the TotalAV suite.
• TotalAV Free Essential Antivirus. Completely free
• TotalAV Essential Antivirus – $ 19.95 / year
• TotalAV Antivirus Pro – $ 39.95 / year
• TotalAV Ultimate Antivirus – $ 59.95 per year

Value for Money

TotalAV offers a level of security to devices which is commendable in accordance to its functions. It should also be noted that there are some complaints about the software but the overall value is good.

Key Features &Ratings

Antivirus Protection: Good.
Additional Features: secure password function, ad blocker etc.
System Performance Impact: Excellent.
Scanning: Detailed report.
User-Interface: Easy to use.

Final Verdict

TotalAV is still new in the antivirus field. Even if its software application is fully established and has many branded features, it will take time to present itself as something different from the standard anti-virus software package. Otherwise, TotalAV is a reasonably potent antivirus program that does not take much from your PC.